『Our Patented Security System 』
A dash camera recorder with Wi-Fi function.

There is potentially a lot of trouble during rides that can often escalate. The number of troubling cases seems to be a constant.We think one of reasons may be that there are no recording systems in cars.
However, recording rides has risks. For example, recording inadvertantly could capture a customer's personal information without the customer's permission. Also, there is trouble if only drivers can operate dash cameras. This type of recording system is useless.

Dash camera recorders, that customers can't operate through their phones and whose recordings can't be stored in their phones, won't protect them. So, it's necessary for riders to browse the videos when they need to.

Our patented security system recorder lets riders turn on the recorder with their smartphones.
Recording videos can be stored into customers' smartphones and also stored into an app management server.
If drivers implement unfavorable actions such as turning off the recorder, they won't get ride requests.

Customers Operate the Recorder

Customers Operate the Recorde

Prevent Dishonest Actions

Prevent Dishonest Actions

Features of Our Patented Security System

  1. 1. Vehicles are equipped with a dash camera recorder by rideshare operating companies.
  2. 2. Customers will be able to turn on recorders with one tap on their smartphones.
  3. 3. Recording data can be stored into customers' smartphones and an app management server. Moreover, if rideshare companies make a security center, third party organizations such as the center will also be able to browse and store real time recording videos.
  4. 4. In case drivers judge they are in emergency, they can send video recordings to emergency centers. The centers dispatch people to help the drivers and riders.

◎Since customers decide to record rides by themselves, our recorder doesn't constitute unauthorized acquisition of personal infomation.