A new system for ridesharing applications

  1. Stable fare will be provided
  2. Unnecessary waiting time of drivers will be reduced
  3. More profitable operations

Currently, the ridesharing business is remarkably developed in the world, and especially in the U.S., is considered one of the foundations of transportation. 

The current rideshare business was originally initiated as a matching app, that matches riders and drivers, and those kinds of characteristics can be still seen. Because of these characteristics, drivers focus on immediately picking up customers once they receive a ride request. As a result, they commonly spend most of their working time waiting on or cruising through the streets to acquire ride requests, which causes waste as the driver ineffectively waits during their working time.

For further development of the ridesharing business, we believe that a new style system has to be introduced to the existing business. A new style system means that vehicles won’t be immediately provided to every ride request, but riders would book a ride earlier than before and drivers would receive the reservation and start driving for pick up at places where they're enjoying their free time. The future of ridesharing business will need to take advantage of two systems, a pre-ride reservation system using the new style system above and an immediate ride reservation system, both of which are to be operated with customer understanding and cooperation.

By introducing these systems, business owners can work on several issues. For example, unnecessary waiting and cars idling time on the side of roads will be reduced, nuisance parking will be eradicated, and emission gases will also be cut down as the amount of gasoline use decreases. Rideshare companies will be able to decrease these costs and increase their profits.



  • Drivers are waiting on the road
  • Many vehicles are on the road
  • Unnecessary waiting and working hours occur
  • Nuisance parking, and traffic congestion etc...

New Style(Our Proposal)

New Style(Our Proposal)

Q&A What is new about this?

The time working hours are initiated is different!



New Style

New Style

Our Patented system!

Unlike existing rideshare apps, drivers are restricted from spontaneously starting work, and can start working after a ride is reserved.
In our operation style, drivers will acquire「Possible Working Points, PWP.」 Drivers who have some PWP can start working as soon as they turn on our app and wait on the road to receive immediate ride requests as long as they have those points. Also, when drivers get immediate ride requests and perform them, PWP will be added.

The U.S. Department of Labor proposed that rideshare drivers should be reclassified in October 2022. When this proposal is legalized, rideshare companies will strictly have more responsibilities to their drivers and will incur tremendous costs to guarantee wages for working time including waiting and idling times, health insurance, social security, costs for operations, and compensation for trouble and accidents.
Rideshare companies will need to implement drastic changes such as introducing a new style system to adapt to the new law. When these changes are established, rideshare companies will be able to improve their profits, recognize their responsibilities to drivers and eradicate possible trouble.

For further development of rideshare business innovation,
the intruduction of a new style system will be needed.
This innovation is enabled by our application system using patents we hold
( US11,127,101B2 ・ US11,040,699B2 ・ EU 3579210 )

The features of our application


Possible Working Points, PWP are accumulated based on working hours from starting to terminating work and sales.


Riders are recommended a pre-ride reservation. This means to book a ride a bit earlier than they need the ride. Drivers who accumulate PWP will be able to wait on the roads and take immediate ride requests from riders.


Those drivers who have no points browse a list of pre-ride reservation requests at places where they are spending their free time. They send pick-up requests to ride requests matching their schedule. They will be able to perform effective work while not producing unnecessary waiting time and increase thier points.


After drivers gain points, the points of the driver waiting on the road are continuously calculated. When driver's points are spent, based on time, they will receive a notice to stop working. So, the driver’s working time will be controlled.


As all vehicles performing rides will be equipped with 「a dash camera recorder with Wi-Fi function whose recording function customers can turn on through their smartphones」, real-time recordings during rides will be sent to third party orgnizations such as emergency center.

Customers won’t be protected by dash cameras whose recorded videos can’t be stored in their phones and browse them when it is necessary.


Our recorder has a function to communicate with an app management server, so rideshare operation companies will be able to check recordings when no riders are in cars. You can check whether people driving a car are really the ones who are registed on your platform or someone posing as the drivers.
Performing rides by people pretending to be a prefessional drivers will be prevented.


Applications downloaded into smartphones of riders will catch a Wi-Fi signal from a dash camera recorder mounted on rideshare vehicles. Riders will be able to recognize at one tap which car is the one they requested when they are within five meters of their rideshare cars.

We have explained the necessity and features of our patents above.
We believe that people in the U.S. are expecting rideshare companies to provide convenient and safe service at a stably reasonable fare.
This new style system application has already been developed. We provide support for your needs. For example, the app can be customized, for example you want to create your own application using our patents and much more.
Those who want to start and are already running a rideshare business shouldn't miss out on our system.
So, please consider it.



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